The boat/watercraft inspection station is a project managed by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture. This program helps to prevent aquatic invasive species such as quagga and zebra mussels from invading our Idaho waterways. The boat/watercraft stations in Kootenai and northern Shoshone county are managed by the Kootenai-Shoshone Soil and Water Conservation District. The state of Idaho has a total of 21 boat/watercraft inspection stations.


We have four stations and they are located at the exits off of Interstate 90 at Hwy 53, Rose Lake, Huetter and Cedars. These stations are open from March 8 through October 31 of each year.

Our stations are open from dawn to dusk so that we can catch travelers early in the morning and late at night. 

These boat/watercraft stations are for both motorized boats and non motorized boats and other watercraft vessels.

What can You do? Clean, Drain, and Dry your boats and all of your equipment.  

Do you need to stop? The answer is YES, under the Idaho Invasive Species act of 2008, anyone with a motorized or non motorized watercraft 10 feet or longer needs to stop and have your watercraft inspected. Taking this little time out of your day helps us to prevent years of damage and the expenditure of money if these mussels were to get into our waterways. By state law no person shall proceed past or travel through an inspection station during hours of operation while towing, carrying or transporting any watercraft.

We also look for invasive weeds that are currently in Idaho that we want to prevent the spread of. 

If you have questions regarding the boat/watercraft stations or want to report a suspect boat/watercraft please contact the Idaho Department of Agriculture (ISDA) at 208-608-3404 or you can email us here at

For more information you can click  Idaho's Invasice Species. 

Aquatic Mussels-  These guys can be so small and easliy overlooked.

Aquatic Mussels

Aquatic Mussels found on one (1) boat.

Aquatic Mussels - Attached to live well intake

Aquatic Mussels 

Aquatic Mussels

2019 Boat Station Statistics

Over 118,000 watercraft were inspected for AIS across Idaho State.

With 20 watercraft inspection stations, 6 roving stations and 1 cross jurisdictional station near Bear Lake. The program was able to intercept 45 mussel fouled watercraft traveling to or through the state of Idaho.  Over 730 watercraft intercepted with hitchhiking plant material.  Over 6,000 hot washes performed on high risk watercraft.  

We also would like to thank all of the law enforcement officers that are at out stations for security and boater compliance. 

If you would like to see other inspection station statistics or just read more about the program you can visit the web site at

2020 Boat Station Statistics

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